Family Portraits at OBX


I love the beach and I love photography, so any chance to combine those two is a big plus. Add in a family reunion on the beautiful and historic outer banks of North Carolina and I'm in heaven!

I received an inquiry from a woman my wife works with about shooting family photos for her this summer. It was months ago and I thought it would be a great time to hit OBX in July. Of course in the middle of winter you forget about the scorching heat of summer, SO I jumped at the opportunity to shoot there. It turns out this is an extended family, summer vacation involving 5 children, one of them only about 10 months old, Grandparents and Three couples. Piece of cake!

We arrived in Nags Head, NC at 10:30 am and it was already about 300°f or just a little cooler then the surface of the sun. (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little) The UV index was at 11 and the ocean was beginning to boil......OK now I am exaggerating! You get the idea, it was hot!

For the next 2 hours we shot up and down the beach, on the edge of the dunes, at the waters edge and under the pier, it was awesome! The kids were great, the baby was a trooper and even the grandparents were taking it all in stride. The only real issue I had all day was seeing the image preview on the back of the camera.  The New Sony A7 III is amazing but even with its super bright rear display, the mid day sun was brutal. Fortunately, with the A7 iii you can view your images in the viewfinder as well as on the back of the camera and this was a blessing!

All our photos were shot with he new Sony A7 iii and the Sony 24-70mm 2.8 GMaster and the 85mm 1.4 GMaster. I've been shooting these camera for about a few months and I could not be happier with the performance. Image quality is stunning

We used the ORLIT Rovelite RT 500w off camera flash to fill in the shadows created by the high sun and it worked great. HSS is a must in these conditions. I combined the flash with the Impact 36" modifier for a nice soft fill effect.

Here's a few photos from this past week at The Outer Banks, NC


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