The New Sony A7 III Review

SONY a7 III Update, Review, Thoughts and some Love!

I’ve been shooting this New Camera from Sony for about 4 weeks now, covered 3 weddings and some portraits. I’m coming from the world of Nikon so immediately there were some adjustments for me to make.
I am really impressed with Sony’s dedication to work on tech of the future. Nikon and Canon are great systems. It sadly they are dragging about 30+ years of systems and architecture with them everytime they design a “new’ camera. 
Sony has released themselves from this burden and blazed a new trail to the future of video and photography.

The Sony A7 III is sooooo freaky.......
The face recognition system that has really impressed me in it’s accuracy and speed. The system covers over 90% of your censor, 90%!! For all practical uses, it’s 100% covered in my opinion.

It is smaller, and that’s a good thing because you sacrifice nothing other then a tired hand and arm and about a pound or two depending on your previous system.
One thing that is not smaller is the viewing screen on the back. It s beautiful, although it has less pixs then the a9 it also costs about $2500 less then the a9, so I’ll live with it and seriously, looking at the screen, i’d never know the difference.

You can custom design the menu how ever you’d like. Plenty of custom buttons for quick access to all your “Must Have” items.

Let’s talk lenses, this was a big deal for me and will be for anyone shooting weddings or sports for a living. Take a deep breath and relax because Sony has got you covered. Not on;y SOny but Zeiss and Sigma have dedicated lines of lenses just for the full frame a7 and a9 line. PLUS, check out Sony’s G Master Line up of lenses.........oh sorry I was just wiping the drool off my face as I gaze at the New Sony 70-200 f2.8 GMaster. SOny has stepped up their game to full throttle and they are not looking back anytime soon. 

The Flipping Battery is magical, I know most people dont get excit about a battery. My first wedding experience with eh a7III was a 12 hour Indian extravaganza. When all was said and done, I still had 20% battery left on the Lithium Z. ***A word of caution*** Get the genuine SONY ”Z” Battery*** The aftermarket batteris can seriously jack up your camera.

24 glorious megapixels!! Who’s to say the best number of MP’s but this wil do the job for about 98% of any job you need it for. If you need a medium format equivalent then sony has you covered with their a7R III, 42MP’

Just a final person thought, This camera feels like the missing link. What I mean is it is so intuitive where you need it and still completely obedient to my Manual preferences. It’s a rock star in my mind and experience so far.
This is in no way a complete or “technical” review, just my experience and a few thoughts. I hope it helps you to jump into the world of Sony Mirrorless Tools.

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