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Duke University Chapel — Bride & Bridesmaids

Duke University Chapel — Bride & Bridesmaids

©Stephen AlexanderPhotography — Wedding at The Duke University Chapel

Every Bride and even some Grooms scoure the web looking for the most beautiful, amazing and stunning wedding photos to add to their Pinterest "Wedding Photography" Page. Photos that are the best of the best qualify for the Wow Factor. 

The Wow factor is what happens when you see a killer photo and it stops you in your tracks, you actually stop and just stare at a photo. Your eyes move all around the photo. First you see the image  as the complete  photo and then your eye digs into each and every detail. You'll begin to notice the highlights and shadows, how the light hits each subject. The emotions from the moment the photo was taken become clear to you and finally your left wanting more.

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One factor that every couple should consider when looking at those WOW shots is where they were taken. That means if you live in a coastal region, you should be searching for images from a similar region. Same goes for the mountains, who doesn't like a good waterfall, however if you live in Florida, waterfalls are probably not an item to put on your shot list.

Another tip, don't stress the venue. Of course you want a nice venue with the look and style you feel fits your personality however a skilled wedding photographer can make magic with a nice nook or the right lighting in almost any space.

The Cotten Room, Durham, NC

The Cotten Room, Durham, NC

Kings Daughters Inn, Durham, NC — Catharine & Cory's Valentines Day Wedding

Kings Daughters Inn, Durham, NC — Catharine & Cory's Valentines Day Wedding

I shot this photograph above in front of a window using a reflector to bounce light back on the bride. This could have been shot in almost any location with a window. The focus is always on the Bride and Groom, remember everything else is secondary and background is most definitely secondary. Most everything that is not the subject will fade to a nice soft blur.

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Another example of finding the right angle in a nook, I shot this at a hotel pool area and I put the bride and groom in the middle of a patch of bloomed lilies. The shallow depth of field created a sharp focus on the couple and the flowers create a beautiful background of color. No one would ever know where this was photographed by the framing and background.

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The shot above is a favorite of mine, shot during the brides prep session. The bride was siting on a bed next to a window to provide a complimentary cross light. Our eyes are programmed to focus on a persons eyes in a photo and that is exactly where your eyes go in this photo, straight to the brides eyes. 

You are the most important element on your wedding day, find a dress that makes you look amazing and be sure to hire a professional Hair and Make up Artist. Don't let the guys miss out on a good tailor for their suit and guys shouldn't wait for the last minute to get a hair cut just incase some adjustments are needed. 

I hope this helps relieve some stress and worry about finding the perfect million dollar venue or location for your big day. More info to come soon, check out for more examples and more WOW Factor!

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