Tips For Planning Your Wedding





As a Wedding Photographer, It is hard to watch as couples spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on things that last for only a day. So many elements are part of the wedding experience and every couple feels like they "must have them" because everyone else has them. 

Where do you start? 


Tip 1. Start with a list of "Must Haves", before you plunge into Pinterest and Wedding World Mag, you should sit down with your Fiancé and discuss "your wedding". After a thorough conversation about the vision and theme of your wedding, your priorities should begin to emerge. Then bring this same conversation to your immediate family and ask for constructive input.


Tip 2. Set a "Soft" Budget. Before speaking with vendors and wedding industry professionals have a realistic budget that will not send you into years of debt. By setting a soft budget you can begin to meet with vendors and have a sense of the viability of your current budget. Regardless of the cost of a venue or band, you will know your current "limit" and whether you can afford that vendor in your wedding budget.

*(You will most likely have to increase your initial budget, most couple underestimate their wedding costs by as much as 50%! Don't panic, this is why we started with a "Must Have List")


Tip 3. Hire a Wedding Planner! A good seasoned wedding planner will actually save you money and time. You will have an advocate for your vision and someone to guide you when it comes to vendor costs and industry standards. Just Do It!


Tip 4. Think Long Term. When you are deciding what dress to wear, who to invite and an overall theme of your wedding, it would be good to pause and think about the future. Your wedding is just one day but the memories are forever. 



Now we get to the good stuff!


Tip 5. When it comes to your wedding photography, many couples start their search on the internet looking for images and poses from photographers around the world. This is a great idea as long as you take into account the geographical area, the style and experience of the photographer who's work they admire.

If you're loving photos of couples in the mountains and you live on the coast, you may want to relocate your wedding or adjust your expectations to reflect your wedding surroundings.


Tip 6. A major problem area that can be easily overcome is the individual & couples wedding portraits. I have a very simple solution and yet so many couples will choose to bypass this one simple step. Are you ready? Here it is......Hire a Hair and Makeup Professional! Do not, under any circumstances have your cousin do your makeup and hair (unless she is a professional)!!! You are going to ask, does it really make a difference? Y E S !! It make a huge difference, a good make up artist is worth their weight in gold and the same holds true for hair stylists. Matching your skin tones and facial features to the correct complimentary colors and shades takes skill and experience as well as a seasoned pro who can stand up to bridesmaids and the mother of the bride who think they know better. Remember it's all about you and we want you to look and feel your best.

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Tip 7. Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer, I know this may sound like a no brainer BUT I want to help you decide who to hire as your photographer. Remember, the cake is eaten, the tux is returned, the flowers die and the venue is a rental but your photos last a lifetime!


First, You should spend some time looking for a photographer that has the "type" of photography you like. Most photographers have a certain style, regardless of what they shoot, that style comes through.

Second, meet up with your favorite photographers as soon as possible. Good photographer are busy photographers. You want to make sure they have your date available.

Third, Make sure you're a good match. That simply means make sure you like each other and that you all get along easily with each other. (You're  going to spend more time with your photographer then any other vendor on your wedding day. You want to make sure you are a good fit. This is the person you are going to entrust with recording the most important day of your life)

Finally, Ask about their "Wedding Day Process". Do they set a timeline? How much time do they need with your Preparation session? Who do they shoot first? Bride or Groom? How much time will the Bridal Portraits occupy? What is included in their pricing?


I hope this helps you in the planning of your big day!



When it comes to the memories of your wedding day, hire the best!

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