Get Edgamacated - What you don't know you don't know about planning your wedding.

Getting Edgamacated……

It sounds funny but the truth is, we all need to learn about different areas of life that we have little or no experience in. I still remember one experience I had while planning an event for a large group. I was sitting in a meeting and someone suggested we get pizza because it was only $5 for a pie…..
The reality was Pizza Pies cost about $12 each. While $12 for a pizza is not a crazy price, when you multiply that by the 20 pies we would need it greatly altered the planners expected budget. The planner thought $100 budget for food was reasonable and in reality the budget was almost triple that amount.
Planning a wedding celebration is a monumental task filled with lots of surprises! Get help!!!

First, If you’re a bride to be, connect with some friends that recently have gotten married, who had a wedding similar to what you would like to have. Key word here is “similar”, this should get you into the basic budget and management reality. In other words, how much will this cost and how crazy will it be to organize.


#1. Get the Venue. You will not be able to set up anything until you have a date and to lock in a date you need a location. It can be a backyard or The Waldorf Astoria, regardless, it needs to be available.

#2. The Photographer – Find a professional. Find a photographer who is easy to work with and has a style that you like. Combine as many services as are available. Most of the time you can work out a great deal when you combine wedding and engagement services as well as bridal portraits or a surprise proposal. **Get the Album** This is free, unsolicited advice, get a printed professionally designed wedding album. It’s not for you, it’s for your children and their children to look back on. You’ll thank me later. (°°°Make sure you know who is shooting your wedding, many photographers are part of a studio or a group. Be sure the person you meet with and connect with is the one shooting your wedding°°°)

#3. Hair and Makeup — This is similar to finding your photographer because style and looks are so subjective. Get on Pinterest and FB and find the look you like. Now comes the hard part, ask yourself if the styles you like are a good “look” for your personal style and features. Does your hair compliment your dress? Will you wear a vail? An experienced hair stylist and makeup artist can guide you I this process.
Make sure you set up at least three “trials” with different stylists and artists

#4. Event Planner — One person can easily become overwhelmed planning a wedding, unless that person does this for a living….introducing Wonder Woman AKA, The Wedding Planner. Worth their weight in gold and probably your greatest advocate in the planning process. A good planner will listen to all of you ideas and help you reach your ultimate vision. They also shield you from unnecessary costs and waisted time. Be sure to find a planner with years of experience and someone that is highly rated in the industry.
(Check out Bustld for recommendations)

#5. It’s all about you….kind of?
It is your wedding! Yes it is! You should get what you want! Yes you should!
I have heard this a million times and for the most part I agree, I was once the groom and my wife and I had to deal with very different cultural expectation that were colliding on our wedding day. While our wedding was great the planning and aftermath was a mess. 
With the exception of budget, the greatest determining factor to your wedding design and size is your  personal preference. It is a challenge to consider “everyone” that will be involved in your wedding. Parents and grandparents have valuable experience that can save you a lot of work and trouble. Now more then ever, family want to be involved in your wedding planning. The best way to make sure everyone understand your vision and desire is to set a meeting and to make your wishes clear but also be open to others ideas.