Adventure Engagement


Why settle for the same old, same old? Why not do something different?
That’s exactly what I was thinking when I added this Engagement Adventure idea to my website.

Adventure Engagement Session

I just call it “A Day of Adventure”. The idea is simple, take adventurous couple on a day long trip to the mountain or beach and document the day, highlighting all the best parts of the day. The day wraps up with one final Sunset or killer shot of the couple dressed in something nice and looking amazing!

Zach and Kim’s Adventure took on a life of its own. We were scheduled to head out to Stone Mountain State Park in Western NC but the weather was horrible so we headed for Raven Rock State Park. Only a 50 minute drive from Southern Raleigh, it is an awesome park for hiking, sightseeing and some challenging climbing.

Kim and Zach are both great climbers and they got right to work when they saw the cliffs here at Raven Rock State Park.

The rain held off until the last 20 minutes of of day and even when it did rain on us it was a welcomed warm summer rain.

And away we go!

And away we go!

We took the long way into the cliffs and very steep staircase that brings you down to the Cape Fear River. The walls are usually wet and with all the rain we have gotten the past few month, the river is high and moving fast. We did’t let that deter us from having great time.

We had a great adventure today and here is one of the final shots of the day!

Wedding Photographer
wedding photography at Raven Rock State Park