Wedding Albums.....(and why you should have one included in your wedding package)

Salt Lake City Wedding - 12x12 square wedding album, opens up to 12x24!

Salt Lake City Wedding - 12x12 square wedding album, opens up to 12x24!

One of my favorite parts of shooting weddings is getting to design the couples wedding album. Wedding Albums come in a million shapes and sizes, you can get thick glossy paper or a thin soft matte look, leather, crystal, photo or fabric covers, from simple to elegant, the list goes on.

An Wedding Album should match the couples personality, that is a big  part of the design process

I love when I work with a company that puts the extra effort into building a quality album. I know my clients will receive an Album that not only looks amazing but it will last for generations!

Think about a wedding album for a moment, what is its purpose? To hold the memories from one of the most important days of your life, for a lifetime. Actually a lifetime is not enough, an album needs to last generations, so your grandchildren and their grandchildren can look back on your life.

When a couple sits down with me I try to impart as much information and wisdom to them so they can make the best choice in every aspect of their wedding plans, the Wedding Album is a large piece of that process. 

Think about a wedding album as a gift to your children and their children,
it changes everything!

Best of Luck on planning your Big Day!

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